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spiritual awakening help

Awakening can sometimes be a scary and lonely process.

When you start questioning what’s happening in your life, you can feel like you’re alone on some weird island, disconnected from those around you (and feel like you’re losing your mind!). This is called a Dark Night of the Soul, and you are not crazy…you’re awakening!

I started my YouTube channel & coaching/healing practice to offer up tools I’ve learned to navigate these Dark Nights, integrate our shadows, and live a more full, present and gorgeous life! Employing the incredibly powerful and gentle force of Reiki energy can help ease the integration process, blast through energetic blocks, and bring you closer to That Which is Greater.

“I got the best sleep in weeks after our conversation.”


I was watching several Youtubers at the time [of my Kundalini awakening], and one day Vanessa’s channel appeared in my recommended videos. I noticed that she and other Youtubers had ways to message them, so I reached out. The night that Vanessa and I talked was my first relief of symptoms that I felt in a long time. She explained the process to me, and I began to see it as a necessary challenge to conquer; one that would ultimately help me. Throughout our conversation, much of my fears and anxieties dissolved, and I began to feel calm again. Vanessa confirmed what another reiki healer had told me, that my crown chakra was blown wide open from the Kundalini, and I had no grounding. The conversation calmed the negative symptoms, and I began to welcome this awakening. Oddly enough, I got the best sleep in weeks after our conversation. Thanks to the help of Vanessa, my perspective on the Kundalini awakening has changed entirely. I no longer see this process as something to fear, rather it is something to embrace. As soon as I stopped resisting the Kundalini, my experience changed entirely. While I still experience rough times and many dark nights of the soul, I now understand the necessity of these experiences. As the late Ram Dass used to say before his lectures, we know what is spiritually true. Spiritual teachers are not telling us anything new, rather, they are reminding us of what is forgotten. Vanessa’s advice resonates on a level reflected by that statement of Dass. The awesome thing about utilizing a spiritual teacher is the fact that we can determine if what they say is true based on our own walks thus far. We do not have to blindly conform to what they say, rather we can experiment and test the help in our own lives! It has been my experience that Vanessa’s advice holds up! In his book, Be Here Now, Ram Dass says the following, “When you meet a being who is centered you always know it. You always feel a kind of calm emanation. It always touches you in a place where you feel calm.” I believe that Vanessa possesses this centeredness (if that is a real word), or is at least able to place herself in a very centered position in the context of helping people! In conclusion, Vanessa’s help has been a tremendous blessing in my life, and she continues to be an inspiration to further my own spiritual path and follow this Kundalini to the end, embracing every step of the way. I recommend her reiki practices, spiritual coaching, etc. Another terrific thing is that she posts free videos on her YouTube channel, so perhaps that is a good start for anyone considering utilizing her help to see her teaching/coaching style!

Nathan F.

walking with you

What is Spiritual Coaching? It’s life coaching infused with magic. I’m able to see underneath the words you use to the underlying issue, where healing can happen. During our session we connect with your highest self, and the messages that come through are what you are meant to hear in that moment for your highest good, growth and evolution.

After our call, you will receive a recording, any additional channeled messages, and some additional resources you can check out to help you along this leg of your journey. I’ll also be checking in on you for the two weeks after our call to help with integration and offer additional assistance.

Let’s connect!

“Vanessa’s loving aura provided for a very safe space for me to express myself and find a deeper love for myself!”

I have been doing energetic work for a couple years now and met Vanessa through her YouTube channel. For a couple days before the session with her, my body started to experience a lot of pain around the excitement of seeing my girlfriend who lives 5 hours away from me. The excitement interestingly enough didn’t feel happy, instead it felt more like desperation and my stomach and gut area were in so much pain it kept me up at night. As soon as I went into the session I laid down and got comfortable and began to shake a lot! It was like shivering except I wasn’t cold. Vanessa began to ask me some questions to allow me to speak my truth and I started to cry. Then she told me to go to a younger version of myself in my minds eye. I got to show that younger part the love and acceptance he looked so hard for in my girlfriend. Vanessa started to work on my body and energy began moving and I could feel the energy in my stomach start to heighten and feel more like bliss. The very next day I woke up and every time I thought about seeing my girlfriend there was no anxiety. There was only stillness and peace. Vanessa’s loving aura provided for a very safe space for me to express myself and find a deeper love for myself!

Nikhil P.

to assist you on your journey…

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