I don’t know who needs to hear this, but it’s time for the past to be left in the past. It’s time to lay the past to rest so that you can move forward. It’s just time to move forward. There are some times, unfortunately, when we are not going to get the apology that we want. And we’re not going to get the resolution and the closure that we so desire. And there are just certain situations where the loop will not be closed in the way that you want.

I’m sorry to be the messenger for this today. But I’m sending this message to you to give you freedom. Freedom from this thing, this situation, this argument, this…whatever it is…that’s been holding you in bondage. See, when we don’t get closure on something, that thing holds our minds hostage. Even if we’re not consciously thinking about that thing, that situation, that person, it’s always running in the back of our mind when we don’t have closure. And unfortunately, there are just some things in life that are not going to resolve in the way that you want them to. So it’s time to just lay it to rest. And do what you need to do to give yourself the closure that you need, so that you can move on.

So if it’s an apology that you feel you deserve, and you’re just not getting it and you don’t think that it’s going to come, one thing you can do is go into meditation – go into a higher state of consciousness and meet that person there. Call on their higher self, and have a conversation with them in your mind’s eye – in a higher dimension in your meditation – where you talk to them, and you hear them give you the apology that you need. You resolve this thing for yourself in your meditation and in that higher dimension and allow yourself to actually feel the relief, the release of finally getting that apology that you’ve been waiting for.

That process is giving yourself the gift of freedom – freedom from this situation and this constant running in the mind over the situation and how it’s affected you. This is a gift you’re giving yourself, is allowing yourself to just let it go. Just forgive and move on. Give yourself the love and forgiveness and apology. Whatever you need – the love that you need…give that to yourself. Because if you keep focusing on “well, I’ll be happy once I get that apology from this person”, you are giving your power over to that person. You’re saying “here you have the power over my emotional state; you have the power over my inner peace. Here you go. Here you go. Please give me this thing that I want so that I can feel peace”. But if it doesn’t come, then will you just never feel peace? So, I felt like I needed to just get this out. I thought I was going to go in a different direction, then all of a sudden, I’m talking to somebody here.

It’s time. It’s time to leave this thing in the past. It’s time to give yourself the closure that you’re seeking. Give yourself the apology. Give yourself the love that you’re looking for from somebody else because I can tell you from experience that sometimes you’re just not going to get the apology. And it’s a tough pill to swallow because not everybody has your heart. Not everybody thinks the way that you do, and not everybody treats people the way that you do. Not everybody has the same conscience, unfortunately.

So today is the day that you can take your power back. And today is the day that you can give yourself what you need. And today is the day that you can move on. So I hope that this lands where it needs to land that this resonates with who it was supposed to resonate with. I’m sending you all tons and tons of love! So much love, especially if you’re going through this. I’m sending you a huge internet hug. Because I know from experience that this is not easy, but you can free yourself today. You can free yourself and move on. Leave it in the past. Allow yourself to be free and allow yourself the beautiful, amazing, fulfilling, love-filled life that you deserve. I love you all so much. I’ll talk to you soon.

Much love,



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