Come take a walk with me and let’s talk about abundance this morning. Abundance is often referred to in the financial sense. We hear a lot about financial abundance and wanting to manifest this abundance to ourselves. However, talking about abundance in strictly financial terms really limits our view. It limits our perspective and shuts us off to the many other ways that this universe is abundant. Abundance is much more than just about money and what we can create for ourselves.  

We live in an abundant universe. We live in such an abundant, fruitful world. Sometimes we can lose sight of that when we’re just focused on the financial aspect of abundance. That is only one, very small, patt of the abundance of this universe.  

Let’s think about this for a second. Think about this beach and all of the little tiny grains of sand. Let’s focus. Really zoom in and you can see ALL of these little grains of sand sparkling in the sunshine. Probably on my hand right now there are thousands of grains of sand. ABUNDANCE. So, that little cross section of this beach contains thousands and thousands and thousands of grains of sand. Look how vast this beach is. All of the way in front of me and behind me, I mean look at this!  Think about how many KAGILLIONS of grains of sand are on this beach alone and then think about how many beaches there are on this planet! Even just in your own country, think about that. The abundance of grains of sand on each beach of this planet. ABUNDANCE.

There are millions of different life forms in our oceans, from something as small as the tiniest little plankton to something as big as a humpback whale. There is such an abundance of life in our oceans, in our seas, in our lakes, in all of the bodies of water. Even a little puddle will have an abundance of life. Even if you can’t see it with the naked eye, it is alive. Every body of water is alive and full of an abundance of life. It’s AMAZING! Abundance is all around us, all the time.  

Think about that…Have you ever walked through a forest and just marveled at the amount of life that’s in there? Everything from the moss that’s growing on the floor to the grasses to the different kinds of bushes and trees and berries and leaves and flowers…if you take the time to notice, you will see abundance beyond comprehension everywhere on this planet. EVERYWHERE there is abundance. There is an abundance of life and colour and light and sounds and beauty, everywhere. All around us, all the time.  

Even within you, your own body is made up of trillions of cells. You are abundant by nature. Think about this. Your body is made up of trillions of cells. You, a seemingly singular life form, are composed of trillions of microscopic life forms. It’s not just you, the personality…your body is an abundance of life! Your body has its own electromagnetic frequency, and each individual cell in your body has its own electromagnetic frequency. You are a power generator. Your body is a power generator that runs seemingly on autopilot, but every function of your body is controlled by your subconscious mind, by your brain, by millions of synapses and transfers of electromagnetic energy, electricity, every second.  

Every thought you think, every action you take, everything that you do is governed by an abundance of electricity and by an abundance of intelligence that we are not even able to fully measure yet.  ABUNDANCE.

Just being alive, we are participating in one of the most abundant creations ever known, ever seen and ever experienced. We can lose sight of that. It’s so easy to get caught up in the things we believe we have to do every day and yes, we have responsibilities, but just take a second right now to close your eyes, take a huge breath into your belly and feel your lungs expand. Your lungs know what to do to bring an abundance of life force into themselves….to bring an abundance of oxygen into your blood stream and into your heart.  Your body knows how to cleanse your blood and how to regenerate itself. Have you ever noticed if you get a cut on your finger, how quickly it heals? Your body knows how to regenerate cells and fix itself! That is a form of abundance.  

We have an abundance of healing energy that lives in and around us all the time. It moves into us, through us, from us and around us all the time.  

There is an abundance of light. Beautiful light that is more than just light, here for us all the time. Think about sunshine. These rays coming from the sun provide us with vital nutrients, vitamin D, beautiful things for our bodies to keep our energy levels in check, to keep our hormones in check, to keep everything functioning properly. 

There is an herb, a plant, a berry, a flower, a root, on this planet for every single thing that ails us. ABUNDANCE.

We have everything on this planet that we need to sustain ourselves. EVERYTHING.  The air, the water, the minerals, the fruits, the vegetables. It’s all provided to us. If that’s not abundance, I don’t know what is! It’s all provided to us.  

I get on such tangents if you know me personally about gardening, canning, preserving and dehydrating and harnessing the abundance of the earth for ourselves. That is our birthright. We forget this right and get conditioned that we have to rely on a system that’s been created for us, when in truth we don’t. We have the option of harnessing the abundance of this world for ourselves at any moment. You don’t necessarily have to take a supplement…the sunshine, the fresh air, these are the best supplements. These are raw, abundant nutrients available to us all the time. Everywhere—you can just go outside. You can go outside and breathe it all in.

So when you’re breathing…ok another tangent…when you’re breathing, what’s in the air? What are you breathing? You’re breathing oxygen. You’re actually absorbing nutrients through osmosis. You’re breathing in oxygen, clean air that our trees are providing for us. We are abundantly provided everything we need to live and yet we get so focused on money and material things and think that those are the things that sustain us. More than money, more than things, our air sustains us. Our natural environment sustains us. Love sustains us. Yes, we need money and other things to exist in this society, but it’s about so much more than that. It’s about the gifts that we are given in this world every single day that are so easy to overlook.  

Think about how nourishing a child’s laughter is for your soul. Think about how nourishing deep breaths are for your spirit, your body and your mind. Think about how nourishing connection is for you and for all of us. Think about how nourishing laughter is for us all. Or, watching a dog run across the beach.  

So you see, abundance has many different levels, many different expressions, did I say dimensions??  Abundance is multi-dimensional. It’s not just the things that we can hold in our hand, it’s not just the number in our bank account, it’s not just the things that we can buy for ourselves and others, it’s about the richness of life that is available to us every single moment of every single day.  

Even the abundance of sound. There are so many sounds that have a healing frequency for us and our bodies and will bring our energy back into alignment and homeostasis. The sound of ocean waves is one of them. There’s a reason why there are ocean waves tracks that help us fall asleep. There’s a reason why you feel so relaxed when you’re by the water or in the water. Even our waters have so many life-giving elements to them. How often do we think about that? Water is literally life. If you’ve ever been in and around the great lakes, the ocean, the big water, you will see and experience the abundance of life that’s on this planet.  

We are blessed to live on the richest planet in the solar system. Abundance is around us and available to us all the time. We just have to open our eyes and our senses to become aware of it…to become aware of all of the different layers of abundance in this world and in this universe!  

I invite you today to explore the many different layers of abundance in your personal world today. Get some sun on your face. Breathe in some fresh air. Take in your environment. Notice all of the different forms of life around you: the people, the animals, the plant life, the air, the light…it’s all life, it’s all alive, it’s all abundance. It’s all abundant.  You are abundant. Remember the abundance of life that lives within you. Remember the abundance of life pulsating through your body all the time.  

You are abundant by nature. Any thought that tries to make you feel separate from abundance is a lie and an illusion. You are abundant. You are abundance personified. You are abundance walking through this earth. Remember this. Feel it.  

Share this message with someone who this might serve, you guys. Spread the word, spread the love, spread the message. Take it all in and enjoy your abundance.

​Sending you tons and tons of looooooooove! 🙌🏼🦉💜✨

xo V