Can you feel it??
There’s a quickening happening in the collective energy…everything is amplified and things are going to manifest for us quicker in March than ever before!
So…this means it’s important to be extra vigilant about your thoughts, words and energy right now. The more you think about, talk about, and take action towards something, the more momentum you build toward it and the quicker it manifests! This is true of “positive” and “negative” things.
The Universe doesn’t discern between what we judge as “positive” and “negative”…it just responds to what we focus our energy on and gives us more of that!
Have you ever been thinking about something, a car or a computer or something that you’d like to purchase/receive…and then you start seeing them everywhere?? This is what happens when we put our focus on a particular thing…it stimulates our Reticular Activating System and suddenly our brain starts tuning out everything but that one piece of information we are focussing on.
And when our brains are that laser-focussed on something, it starts building the manifesting momentum behind it. If we keep our focus on it long enough, we will end up receiving that thing in our lives!
Now, the bigger the gap between what we desire and where we’re at, the more momentum we will have to build up for the manifestation to happen!
So start with something little that doesn’t create a lot of resistance in your mind.
Try it out…for today grab a dime and put it in your pocket. Carry it with you and touch it often throughout your day. Think about it. Set a timer on your phone to remind you to think about dimes. I bet you you’ll find more dimes throughout your day! 🤗 When you do, you’ll see how this Universe is set up to bring you more of what you focus on.
Then you can try with bigger things!
Happy Manifesting!
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​Sending you tons and tons of looooooooove! 🙌🏼🦉💜✨

xo V