I had to pause.

To go deeper.

To move slower.

To feel it all.


I had to trust the process.

To trust the messages.

To surrender my need to know.


I had to BE.

With each breeze.

With each tear.

With each smile.


I had to LIVE.

And not strive.

And not make.

And not try.


I had to be STILL.

And know.

And listen.

And see.


Spirit called me close.

And showed me how the universe works.

Showed me the laws at work.

Showed me the ego’s resistance.


I saw how from a spiritual root,

All physical forms manifest.

I saw how every thought,

Produced something tangible.


I saw how deeply interwoven,

Everything in the universe is.

And it brought me peace.


I worried not.

For I saw how I was being held.

I love you, Great Spirit/God/Creator/Source – the force beyond labels that guides us all.

Shanti 🙏🏼✨